Computerized Thermoregulation in Cellars

We have just installed computerized temperature regulation for the tanks in our cellars.

The temperature of a fermentation has a direct influence on the quality of the wine. This is because wine yeast create different compounds at various temperatures. Cooler temperature fermentation preserves more aromatic esters and create lean, focused wines, but often with reduced mouthfeel. Warmer fermentation gives greater complexity and mouthfeel, but at the loss of the original clarity of the fruit. In addition, the warmer a fermentation gets, the higher the amount of H2S will be produced. For us, the goal is to be able to control the fermentation temperature within a desired range.

Computerized Temperature Control

Having the above in mind, we have invested into a computerized system in our cellar that is responsible for maintaining the tanks' temperature within a prescribed temperature range. This technology will help us maintain the high quality of our wines.